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Thoughts Written In Invisible Ink

27 June
I am a middle-aged, male SF fan and gamer who also writes software (for which I am sometimes paid). I suppose one of the reasons I am paid for writing software is that I have not, as yet, found someone who will pay me to be an SF fan or play games -- but I am still keeping my eyes open for such an opportunity. ^_^

But, such data will probably be of little use or note to most of you. The only real reason this biographical note is here is to encourage folk who may want a sonnet written for them to read this journal entry, and reply there if so inclined.

I am an adult. I do not intend to make any effort to censor myself or my respondents with regard to age-appropriate content. Consequently, although I have no plans for same, adult material might be found somewhere in this journal. Therefore, in accordance with this request, you have been warned.